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Clockwise Press: New Publishing House Enters the Canadian Children’s Literature Market

Clockwise Press is the newest entrant into the world of Canadian children’s literature today.

The press’s mandate is to publish high-quality young adult and children’s books featuring themes of diversity, inclusion, and global awareness, while fostering a love of reading in both avid and reluctant readers.

Solange Messier will act as the new press’s publisher and non-fiction editor. Previously the non-fiction editor at Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Ms. Messier is joined by Christie Harkin, former publisher at Fitzhenry & Whiteside and associate publisher at James Lorimer & Co., as consultant publisher and fiction editor. Together, Ms. Messier and Ms. Harkin have a substantial history of publishing award-winning books for children.

Ms. Messier explains, “At Clockwise Press, we believe all children should be able to find themselves in and identify with the stories, characters, and communities represented in the books they read. And they should be able to find imaginative, engaging, and inspiring books that suit their reading aptitude at any level.”

Clockwise Press will publish its first book in spring 2015, with three more titles scheduled for the fall.

Clockwise Press books will be distributed in Canada and the US by Fitzhenry & Whiteside.

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03/22/2017 7:28am

Canadian children literature would be so much fun and educational having Clockwise Press in the organization! I'm sure that they will contribute a lot. The books they produce are all educational and fit children's minds. They've proven there skills already! Now they are already part of a bigger organization, there will be an improvement to their books for sure!

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