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Today, Clockwise Press is pleased to announce the release of our first installment of the Keepers of the Vault fantasy series: Fire and Glass, by Marty Chan!
This brand-new, hi/lo fantasy series is full of action, adventure and mystery. In Fire and Glass, we are introduced to Kristina Mah, the new kid in school; Dylan, the one guy who thinks her fondness for old-school video games is cool; and the mysterious Dr. Grimoire, the custodian of the bizarre fourth floor. Oh - and a goth, teenaged Djinn with pyromaniacal tendencies. As if being the geeky new kid isn't hard enough!

Our Keepers of the Vault is written especially for emerging readers who are looking for engaging, age-appropriate books at their own reading level. It's also set in a dyslexia-friendly font. Find out more about this book on the Our Titles page of our website.
To find out more about Marty Chan and his many wonderful books, or to book him for a school visit, check out his website.


02/15/2017 10:33pm

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As an author, Marty Chan never fails to give quality stories that all readers will love. He was able to write various stories and he has mastered the genre of hi/lo fantasy series. My friends are huge fans of him! And now that he has released the first installment of " Keepers Of The Vault", I'm pretty excited to read this "Fire and Glass". I'm confident that this will be a great addition to Chan's masterpieces! I'm looking forward to read the book!

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